OSTED at Luxembourg - Post-Punk Live Event
OSTED Post-Punk Live Music – Hosted by Rocas
March 30, 2019
8:30 pm
LUXEMBOURG - Luxembourg
Rocas Bar
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Rocas, 33 rue des Capucins, Luxembourg, Luxembourg



OSTED (New Wave/Indie – Metz/Luxembourg) :
OSTED is an indie rock band hailing from the North East of France. Their recent releases “YOU DANCE”, “FACES”, and “THE SUN, DARLING” showcase the band’s ability to experiment with dynamics and soundscapes. The band’s discography is fueled by artful production aesthetics and organic performances, highlighting the chemistry between each member of the band.

OSTED’s distinctive sound is reminiscent of indie legends. With their atmospheric and expressive numbers, OSTED blurs the lines between the indie rock and post-punk genres.


Mestre band (Street Wave/Post-Punk – Metz/Strasbourg) :
Mestre is a post-punk band from Metz & Strasbourg. Their music is somewhere between punk music and 80’s new-wave, with a cheap synthesizer and some dancing songs.
For fans of Joy Division, The Cure, Frustration, A place to bury strangers.

Mestre first EP is available on Analog Wasteland Records (France) & Botanical Party (Chile).


Faust project (Post-Punk/Noise/Dark Wave – Arlon):
Survivor of the 90’s belgian underground scene and member of band as such as Nervous Chillin’, Poison Heart, Motueka or Hell-o-tiki. After more than 20 years tourin all aroung Europe, sharing the stage with The Misfits, UK Subs, The Buzzcocks, Alien Sex Fiend, The Dandy Warhols, etc. It was time for me to walk on my own path and mix my influences.



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